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Reliable Energy Solutions

About Stavolt

Stavolt AG has been established in 1987 and is concentrating in the industrial battery business.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of energy storage as well as cooperation with renowned manufactures is allowing us to offer our customers the best and most suitable battery technology for every application.

Over the years we have supplied millions of battery cells to systems providing uninterruptible power to power plants, hospitals, telecom centers, solar/wind energy storage, data centers and many others.

Our batteries are used in some of the harshest environmental conditions, from supplying power to satellite ground stations in the tropics of the equator to maintaining power to telecom relay stations in freezing temperatures on mountain tops.

Vision and Mission

Stavolt AG commits to provide adapted and technologically advanced energy supply solutions with products and services in a smarter, simpler and more cost effective manner.
With our product offerings we aim to provide our customers with products adapted to customer requirements, high quality products and services, efficient and global supply chain, innovative technology.


Promptness, flexibility, honesty, innovation.

Quality policy

Provide 100% satisfaction with high quality products.
Provide 100% satisfaction with efficient logistics organization.
Provide 100% satisfaction with customer service.